I’m a writer. A storyteller. Someone who can bring words alive. Make them sparkle. With experience and skill in journalism, copywriting, content writing, editing and marketing, everything I do comes from the values of creativity, communication, and connection.

My background spans corporate communication, brand evaluation, freelance journalism, marketing and research & insight. I know how to figure out what an audience wants, and connect with them to deliver results.

If you need some words – and everyone needs words – get in touch.

A brief CV:

Communications Consultant – copywriting, content marketing, social media management and newsletter management for clients including Medela, RA International, Javier Orti therapy, Lapidus International, Corinthian Construction, Lake District Tourist Board.

Brand Communications & Media evaluation – measuring the efficacy of communications and making strategic improvements to optimise media and messaging. Clients include Tesco, Aptamil, Muller, Thomas Cook.

Insight & Research – understanding a customer and their needs and providing companies with the means to reach them. Amongst the brands I’ve worked with are Tesco, Diageo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Highland Spring, British Airways.

Francesca is reliable, efficient, enthusiastic, considered in her approach, a good and capable communicator, considerate, innovative, professional, thoughtful.  She is experienced and skilled in all aspects of communication and uses language effectively and appropriately in the varied arenas that we employ.

Clare Scott, Lapidus

In a nutshell: fantastic. It is very hard to delegate content in such a personal business as mine, but Francesca understood my tone of voice and expertise and communicated it greatly in the website. After eight years of doing sites for myself, using copywriters, etc, this is the one I am most proud of and the one I invested less time (by a country mile). She is fully in charge of my newsletter and I am amazed at the results, as well as looking after my social media, which is now one of my best sales channels. She is responsible, autonomous and highly caring for the work she does and the people she works with.

Javier Orti